Guns are Good

Guns are Good

Are cars good or bad? If you say good, what of the more than 35,000 annual domestic deaths due to motor vehicle crashes? If in consideration of these losses, hundreds of thousands of injuries, and their polluting exhaust you conclude that cars are indeed bad and therefore their use should be further limited, you may […]

The Power of Prayer

The month of September 2015 will not be forgotten in my family. It was the month that my son Collyn lost his ability to walk. In late August, he had an episode of intense abdominal pain. Kathleen took him to urgent care, and that led to a series of tests resulting in a positive diagnosis […]

What Troubled Boys Can Teach Us

A group from the Allegany Boys Camp, located in the scenic deep woods of western Maryland, recently visited our church. The residential all-year camp was established for boys with emotional and behavioral troubles. The boys and their leaders shared songs and gave us insight into their daily life. I was impressed by some of the […]

Must Violence Be Everywhere?

On Labor Day I took my family to Mt. Gretna. The plan was to hike the beautiful trails and treat ourselves to ice cream at The Jigger Shop. We did in fact hike, and we did get ice cream. But not at The Jigger Shop. Not ten minutes before we arrived, it had become a […]

Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride

We’re now knee-deep into the next U.S. Presidential election cycle. To say that the race is interesting is quite an understatement. With huge personalities and even bigger issues, the next fourteen months promise the political ride of our lifetimes. But it isn’t just theater. If you pay close attention, you can tell a lot about […]

I Used to Like People

Don’t get me wrong. When I meet somebody or spend time with clients, friends, family, or brand new acquaintances, I enjoy the experience. I’m generally positive and supportive. I relish moments of real connection. To me a stranger is just a friend I haven’t yet met. But something has been shifting. Maybe it’s me. Maybe […]

$70,000 for Everyone!!

Dan Price, CEO of Seattle-based Gravity Payments, made headlines this past spring when he announced a plan to pay everyone in his company at least $70,000 per year, regardless of their position or tenure. His employees wildly cheered him and he was lionized by many in the media for his people-oriented, forward-thinking approach to compensation. […]

“I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore!”

The famous cry from the 1976 film Network was prescient. If you don’t remember or know this classic, check out its most famous scene here:  Beale’s Rant. When you watch it, you’ll see that in 40 years, a lot hasn’t changed. Geniuses Paddy Chayefsky (writer) and Sidney Lumet (director) even imagined elements of reality television, […]

Of Lions and Men

We have our heads up our collective asses. This is the only conclusion I can draw in the wake of reactions to recent news stories. Maybe it was ever so. But a lack of clarity and perspective is particularly dangerous now. If we value freedom, we can afford apathy no longer. I felt bad about […]

Point (not so) Pleasant

Last month I chaperoned a youth mission trip to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It is a town of 9,000 or so nestled at the junction of the Kanawha and Ohio rivers. The expansive view of the calm waters and the characteristic southern hospitality of the people are charming. It is anachronistic, evoking images of an America gone by. […]