Of Lions and Men

Of Lions and Men

We have our heads up our collective asses. This is the only conclusion I can draw in the wake of reactions to recent news stories. Maybe it was ever so. But a lack of clarity and perspective is particularly dangerous now. If we value freedom, we can afford apathy no longer. I felt bad about […]

Point (not so) Pleasant

Last month I chaperoned a youth mission trip to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It is a town of 9,000 or so nestled at the junction of the Kanawha and Ohio rivers. The expansive view of the calm waters and the characteristic southern hospitality of the people are charming. It is anachronistic, evoking images of an America gone by. […]

War Ain’t What It Used to Be

How many wars is America currently fighting? Okay, maybe it’s a trick question. The term “war” is used loosely nowadays. You could well answer one – the war in Afghanistan, now the longest active combat operation in American history. But we are also conducting sporadic military operations against ISIS, Al Qaeda, and related fundamentalist Islamic […]

Nuclear Negotiations

Whether you think the recently declared deal with Iran is ultimately good or bad depends upon one thing and one thing only. Do you trust the Mullahs of Iran to keep their word? The Obama administration obviously does. Secretary of State John Kerry, along with President Obama and their various spokespeople tout the deal as […]

Words Mean Things Series: Marriage

The Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage has incited dramatic reaction; from celebration – rainbow flood lights on the White House – to despair and outrage, mainly from traditional Christians. There are strongly held reasons for both emotional responses. As with most things political, what you hear discussed is rarely the full story or […]

5 Essential Elements of a Great People Strategy

Leaders often tell me that one of their biggest challenges is finding good people. They lament that the quality of candidates is not what it used to be – that it is difficult to find people who will simply fulfill basics like consistently show up and be conscientious. Superior performers? Hah – they should be […]

A New Hangout for Leaders

Over the years of my inter-personal communications consulting work, I’ve heard leaders from various industries and organizational types share similar frustrations. They say that it’s a challenge to find “good people.” They often struggle with office politics or strife within their team. Many report “too much drama and emotion.” There is a near universal sense […]

Your Best Friend – An Adamantine Will

I recently reviewed Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. I have also been reading a superb science fiction series, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The hero of this story is a modern day 40’s noir-style private investigator in Chicago who happens to be an actual wizard. Harry Dresden is a powerful smart ass who […]

Outwitting the Devil – A Book Report

My coach recommended that I read Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. I just completed it. It is a rare book that made such an impact on me that I feel compelled to share it with everyone I know. To entice you to read it yourself, I decided to give you an overview of what […]

The Benevolence of the Apex Predator

I watched a video the other day that stayed with me. It describes the process by which the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone in 1995, after a 70 year absence, radically impacted the eco-system, even changing the path of rivers. Wildlife, including the prey of the wolfpack, are actually thriving now. You may have seen […]