Is Dr. Ben Carson Crazy!?

Is Dr. Ben Carson Crazy!?

I read this article intended to disparage freshly announced GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson. The author cites five quotes as proof that Dr. Carson should not be considered serious presidential material. I looked over the quotes and I think I understand how the author may view them as ‘crazy.’ Of course they aren’t. They are […]

The Benevolence of the Apex Predator

I watched a video the other day that stayed with me. It describes the process by which the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone in 1995, after a 70 year absence, radically impacted the eco-system, even changing the path of rivers. Wildlife, including the prey of the wolfpack, are actually thriving now. You may have seen […]


Maybe you’ve encountered them. If you’re in sales, you encounter them all the time in your prospects. But we also find them close to us. Maybe you have one or more in your organization or even your own family. Maybe you’re even one yourself. I’m referring to Vanishers – people who disappear for days or […]

Banishing Bad Moods

I’ve been struggling to stay out of a bad mood this week.  In funks of the past, I haven’t been clear about why my mood was sour.  This week, the cause is clear.  I’ve been in pain (back injury).  But, pain or no, I don’t wish to be in a bad mood.  It negatively affects […]

Interesting Times

“May you live in interesting times.”  The origin of this phrase is fuzzy, but most often it is thought to be a venerable Chinese curse.  Something is probably lost in translation.  But one thing that seems obvious to me is that our time is interesting. Interesting, in that there is tremendous and rapid change.  Interesting, […]

A Little Pregnant

In one of our group Bible-based studies at our church, we’re going through a program entitled: If You Want to Walk On Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat by John Ortberg.  A recent session really resonated with me.  It focused on the difference between a career and a calling. I often help […]

Pursuit of Happiness

One of the profound ideals that helped found mankind’s greatest advancement of liberty and thus prosperity, embodied in the Declaration of Independence and enacted in the Constitution of the United States, is the codification of the rights of individuals to pursue their own happiness how they see fit. Not how a King sees fit. Not […]

Fire Yourself, Hire Yourself

Here’s a potentially career-boosting exercise for you. Pretend you are as of this moment, fired from your position. If this were to happen to you, what would be the likely reason? Maybe you ticked the wrong person off. But in general, the reason will be some version of this: the total cost of your employment […]

To Thrive or Not To Thrive

The concept of the word “thrive” is a beautiful thing.  I find myself talking about this with clients all the time.  For example, I often ask clients “what are the top four things this organization needs in order to thrive?”  It’s a simple enough question.  But the responses are not.  Sometimes, people don’t have clear […]


One of the songs I sing the lead vocal for our band Second Time Thru (shameless plug alert: ‘like’ us on Facebook to keep up with our schedule) is “Already Gone” by The Eagles.  Some of my favorite lyrics of all time are in that song:  “So often times it happens that we live our […]