For Executives and Teams

Job Benchmarking

Job Benchmarking is the process of defining the qualities that bring success in a professional role. A job description alone is insufficient; it leaves too much room for opinion and interpretation. You review resumes, conduct interviews and come to a point where you’re 80% sure that you have the right candidate and you hope that they work out. Job Benchmarking makes up the remaining gap. It also helps you identify and attract superstars.

We begin by gathering the stakeholders who interact with the person in a particular role. We facilitate a patented process that determines Key Accountabilities and their measurements. Then, we use a proven technology to identify and quantify the ideal behavioral, motivational and soft skill attributes. Candidates that pass the conventional criteria are given an online psychometric assessment. The results are compared to the Benchmark. The successful candidate will match as closely as possible. The areas where the candidate does not match the role (and there is always a few) provide proactive opportunities to develop the successful candidate and provide a focused path for an optimized onboarding process.

Success Metrics

Your employees’ behaviors determine the overall health and success of your organization. If you are not consistently tracking and managing these behaviors, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to improve your business’s function and efficiency.

Success Metrics help you to reinforce the types of behaviors you want to foster. We begin the process by identifying positive employee behaviors and set expectations that are stretchable, but reachable. Next, we develop a system to quantify these behaviors and install a system of regular measurement. Your employees will see their progress and will be rewarded for reaching the established goals. This cultivates top-of-mind awareness of the most productive behaviors for everyone on the team. Success Metrics create a tangible plan for success and provide you with a powerful learning tool for your organization.

Assessment Tools

Tom Dardick has extensive experience working with the premier cutting-edge scientific assessment tools to help organizations identify their blind spots, improve communication, make objective decisions and achieve an overall higher level of function. He is a Certified Professional Skills Analyst, Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Certified Professional Values Analyst and both TTI Trimetrix HD®, EQ® and DNA® certified.

On-Purpose Communication

On-Purpose Communication uses individual Purpose Statements to guide decision making for everyone in the organization, increase the appreciation for the others on the team and decrease “siloing.” The process begins by first identifying and clarifying the organization’s top needs and desires. This provides the context around which each person on the team expresses their professional purposes, resulting in greater organizational alignment and improved team function.

Other services available for organizations are keynotes, retreat facilitation, conducting 360° Surveys and instituting accountability systems. For more information, please use the contact form to begin a conversation with Tom.

Health and Harmony Now

Soon after I became a health coach, I realized how difficult it was to convey what I did when meeting potential clients. I found that most people had no idea what a health coach really did and the things that can be addressed by health coaching are quite varied. I found myself often stumbling and rambling through my message which ended up sounding like a sales presentation. Continuously refining my message so that it was clear and people could relate to it became a permanent and unwelcome item on my to-do list. Then Tom mentioned that as part of his business he helped people craft their business messages. Just over an hour after meeting with Tom to craft my message I had a concise and clear message that is delivered conversationally, instead of as a rambling sales pitch. Now I can relate to people while I am letting them know what I do. I can put all the messaging frustration behind me and instead use the time to help people achieve their health goals!

Peggy Chase